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    FarmersChoice review on 2015-11-24 13:37:37

    Well I had someone come to our house to say we can get a free sample. So I agree to do that, so the next they called me and said they will drop off a sample. Once the sales man was in my house he wanted us to sign up. I havent even tried the product yet. We also told him right from the start that we have not eaten our super so if we could get the sample and we will get back to him. A hour later he is still pushing us to sign up for 11 months. I wont do business with anyone without checking it out and tasting the product. I told the sales guy he is pushy and I will not sign up without trying it first and I want to try the new york steaks as we love these and we are willing to pay for them too. So he agreed to do this. 11 months is a long time and its a contract, he said it isnt but if I am signing a document then its a contract. I dont like that fact that we have to pay out all this money at once and hope for the best. What if its not good meat? Then will I get a refund, no way. At looking a these reviews its not worth it and I like to get fresh food, not frozen. Thanks to all of you for the reviews they really help.

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