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    FarmersChoice review on 2016-01-05 18:13:31

    I have ordered two years in a row, almost a third, but this is not a good company. Year one I was told there was no sugar or additives in the meat products. Not true. Certain products do. I had to exchange about half of my order. They also messed up the delivery date, and I wasted a few hours waiting for them. Year two....ordered non sugar/additive meat. Good meat, good taste. Very tough to count what/how much you got. I noticed this both years. Year 2 lasted only 8 months max (also bought from other sources throughout the year for variety). Year 1 lasted 1 year. Year 3, I requested my previous orders and the prices per pound of the meats on the phone. i was told I have to speak in person with a rep. So when the rep showed up, he did not have my previous orders to compare to. He was literally guessing at the prices and had no list. He was pressuring me quite a bit to order again, and on top of that, order a bigger package because my last one didnt last as long as the first year. WTF?????? He was quite upset that I would not order without having my previous orders to compare to. This was another waste of my time. I asked him to please have the company call me. never happened. I called 3 weeks later to set up another appt with a rep to review my previous orders, waited a few show. I checked some reviews online. I am not alone in disappointment. They called 4 hours later (by accident) asking for a different customer! Before hanging up, I inquired about my meeting. They scheduled the wrong day. I cancelled my meeting and will not be ordering again. This is such an unprofessional, uncaring, non transparent, disorganized company to say the least. If you look into the wording on their website, it is deceitful. Sub-therapeutic???. There are only good reviews posted on their site. There beef is started on grass, then to grains and corn. other reviews mentioned they are graded/rated by their own company, they changed their name after going out of business.....etc overall, unprofessional, overpriced, deceitful. I have had enough.

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